How To Wear Cufflinks In Some Easy Steps

Cufflinks bring style to your attire and make you look more fashionable. It also helps to distinguish a person from the crowd. You don’t wear cufflinks daily; you have to ensure that you get the very best appearance and style when you have them.

How To Wear Cufflinks In Some Easy Steps



Cufflinks are basically used to fasten the cuffs, but they have more functionality than just this. It is an art of wearing cufflinks to maximize it’s the advantages. Cufflinks come in pairs and each pair can give you an awesome look need.

I can recommend some simple strides to realize, how to wear cufflinks appropriately. Get a couple which is more appropriate and looks great with your clothing and event for which you require it. More often than not we might suspect it just fills the need to attach two fabrics, yet it is by all account not the only reason it serves. Discussing the sleeves, to be particular, French sleeve shirt, it serves more.

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21 types of cufflinks you need to know before buy cufflinks online

Do you know your style statement can make a lasting impression on the person you meet in a day? Yes, it is true. The basic fundamental way to judge a person is his appearance. It cannot be judged on the mere basis of clothes. You need a strong armament i.e., personality. Cufflink can help you to enhance your charisma. Let me explain to you. It might be a piece of accessory for you to wear or cuff your sleeves but it can prove to be a greater factor in enhancing your style. Cufflink has been accepted and classic jewelry for men. It has never been too outdated to wear. They can wear them on any occasion they want. Cufflinks can prove to be the best gift on great occasion such as on Birthday, Father’s Day or on your Wedding. It will surely bring a smile to their face. So, if you are thinking to buy cufflinks for yourself or to gift it then you should know the different types of cufflinks available in the market before you buy cufflinks online. It helps you to choose the perfect ones.

  1. Fixed back Cufflinks
  2. Calibre Cut Cufflinks
  3. Fabric Cufflinks
  4. Torpedo Cufflinks
  5. Dress Set Cufflinks
  6. Silk Knot Cufflinks
  7. Locking Cufflinks
  8. Bar Cufflinks
  9. Spool Cufflinks
  10. Ogham Cufflinks
  11. Ball Returns Cufflinks
  12. Whaleback Closure Cufflinks
  13. Bullet Back/Toggle Closure Cufflinks
  14. Wrap – a – Round Cufflinks
  15. Reversible Cufflinks
  16. Snap link Cufflinks
  17. Chain Link Cufflinks
  18. Button/Stud Cufflinks
  19. Coil back Cufflinks
  20. Football back Cufflinks
  21. Bridge Connection Cufflinks



1) Fixed back Cufflinks

Do you know that if you wear cufflinks, it will make you look more wealthy and presentable in your regular outfits? The backing of the cufflink and post are the same piece and attached to the back side of the cufflink. It is single piece cufflink. Its backing does not bend and consist of not movable parts. The shape of the backing can be pointed or rounded. The backing accessory of the cufflink does not slide, according to the shape. It is on the back side. It might prove to be tricky to wear, but they found to be more durable. Continue reading 21 types of cufflinks you need to know before buy cufflinks online

Ace your Winter Look With A Beanie For Men

A beanie is a well knitted, winter staple that can look after your head from brain freeze and still keep you in the latest men’s fashion trends. It is essential to give attention to the smallest details on how to style it with the whole outfit. It has the power either to make you stand out of the crowd or make you look like a douchebag.

Here are the simple tips on how to style a beanie and embrace your manly look.

beanie mens

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Gold Rings for Men including Navaratna Astrological Nine Gemstones Ring

Designer’s gold rings for men, especially of real gold product symbolizes an important part of man’s elegance and identity, symbolizing kings, nobles, and rich. It also symbolizes power and control.

While some of the gold rings for men bore the seals of the king or the holder, the other rings bore a gemstone that reflected the personality and perhaps protection.

The ancient people believed in the capabilities of therapeutic gems and their benefits in the transmission of strength, courage, and control; making them a welcome guest on the rings of sultans, emperors, merchants, lords, and rulers, especially in the periods before the industrial revolution.

The Asians continued their love for men’s gold rings to express the man’s interest in his elegance and his historical heritage, and many Asian women give elegant men’s gold rings to their husbands, especially as gifts.

This article will highlight some of the most beautiful designs of men’s gold rings. It will, therefore, make a choice of this combination from great designers and their designers gold rings for men, both in the distant past and in contemporary times.

Top 4 Reputable Designers who Make Gold Rings for Men


They offer branded Men’s Rings made of gold multiple designs for the contemporary world – for the man of excellence and it highlights the identity of which we choose rings decorated in the spirit of Cartier Fahd famous symbol of the power and the superiority of the white or yellow gold with diamonds and onyx.

Cartier also presented the Eternity ring for men with multiple rings extending and connecting to express the sentimentality in a combination of white or yellow gold with Onyx.

It is as well, a variety of men’s rings with Cartier signature in the ring or tubular designs or in the form of gold, yellow or pink gold-plated screws with or without diamond touches.

Some of Cartier’s Gold Rings for Men


cartier panther gold rings for men




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African Men’s Jewelry From Antiquity – The African Man in the World of Clothing and Finery


It is a challenge to want to talk about clothing and finery in Africa, from antiquity to today, even in a full day. Both the subject is rich. Many things have been discovered about this over time, but many still remain to be discovered. In particular, the focus of this article is geared towards African men’s jewelry. It seemed necessary to divide the theme into two essential parts. Which are to know :

  • Clothing which concerns only all that the man dresses his body and the various reasons inherent.
  • The ornaments that often complete the clothing and for which it should be understood: jewelry (with a focus on African men’s jewelry), hairstyle, tattoos, etc.

No Man is born fully dressed. Even nowadays, this miracle has not yet occurred! A retrospective look at the history of humanity shows us that it was not so long ago that the revolution that brought our ancestors from nudity to clothing, then clothing to fashion (clothing and finery) itself and, finally, contemporary fashion.

The reason for being a garment is plural and varies greatly according to the cultures and periods of history:

  • Practice (protection)
  • Symbolic (indicate a moral posture)
  • Social (display a status)
African Men's Finery

Young boys Somba (Batamrariba) of Atakora, Natitingou, Benin, shortly before 1960 | Source: National Archive of Nigeria, Ibadan.

The history of clothing is inseparable from its sociology: studying the conditions that contributed to its birth cannot be done without addressing the sociocultural issues of the period.

It is therefore necessary to dissociate the simple original clothes from the first costumes that will succeed them, gradually giving rise to the notion of fashion, of a purely utilitarian role – to protect the human body from bad weather and external aggression, to be able to move easily – the garment evolves by adding immaterial functions: adorned, it becomes adornment. Technical progress and increased trade lead to an acceleration of the pace of transformation from the 16th century. Activity originally very local, because dependent on the natural resources of a territory, clothing and Jewellery manufacturing today is at the heart of economic globalization.

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Inspirational Men’s Jewelry Items

Finding the jewelry for the men’s might be a daunting task for many people. It is very hard to find the right type of jewelry as such an inspirational men’s jewelry. The personality of the men’s decides what kind of jewelry he will prefer. Not all men’s like wearing jewelry. You need to take care of the various aspects of the person such as his need, his style, overall personality, what he likes and what doesn’t like, etc. The person who generally obtains a formal attire will prepare the decent type of jewelry that will suit his personality. He will not like to wear the bracelet, chain or any kind of jewelry which is visible from outside. His profession may not allow him to obtain such style while working in the corporate world. You should find the jewelry that is hidden or stay inside of the cloths.


Inspirational Men's Jewelry Items

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Best Streetwear Styles for Men

Over the past year we have seen the rise of the streetwear look, which condenses society, music and culture into an accessible everyday style. If you’re looking to break out of the mould of diluted high street fashion, then streetwear style is the perfect way to add more depth into your wardrobe. Here are some of the best independent streetwear brands and styles to give you inspiration for a more edgy and individual look this Summer… Continue reading Best Streetwear Styles for Men