How To Wear Cufflinks In Some Easy Steps

Cufflinks bring style to your attire and make you look more fashionable. It also, helps to distinguish a person from the crowd. You don’t wear cufflinks daily; you have to ensure that you get the very best appearance and style, when you have them.

Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks are basically used to fasten the cuffs, but they have more functionality than just this. It is an art of wearing cufflinks to maximize it’s the advantages. Cufflinks comes in pairs and each pair can give you a awesome look need.

I can recommend some simple strides to realize, how to wear cufflinks appropriately. Get a couple which is more appropriate and looks great with your clothing and event for which you require it. More often than not we might suspect it just fills the need of attach two fabrics, yet it is by all account not the only reason it serves. Discussing the sleeves, to be particular, French sleeve shirt, it serves more.

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21 types of cufflinks you need to know before buying

Do you know your style statement can make a lasting impression on the person you meet in a day? Yes, it is true. The basic fundamental way to judge a person is his appearance. It cannot be judged on the mere basis of clothes. You need a strong armament i.e., personality. Cufflink can help you to enhance your charisma. Let me explain you. It might be a piece of accessory for you to wear or cuff your sleeves but it can prove to be a greater factor in enhancing your style. Cufflink has been accepted and classic jewelry for men. It has never been too outdated to wear. They can wear them on any occasion they want. Cufflinks can prove to be the best gift on great occasion such as on Birthday, Father’s Day or on your Wedding. It will surely bring a smile on their face. So, if you are thinking to buy for yourself or to gift it then you should know the different types of cufflinks available in the market. It helps you to choose the perfect one for you.

1) Fixed back Cufflinks

Do you know that if you wear cufflinks, it will make you look more wealthy and presentable in your regular outfits? The backing of the cufflink and post are the same piece and attached to the back side of the cufflink. It is single piece cufflink. Its backing does not bend and consist of not movable parts. The shape of the backing can be pointed or rounded. The backing accessory of the cufflink does not slide, according to the shape. It is on the back side. It might prove to be tricky to wear, but they found to be more durable. Continue reading 21 types of cufflinks you need to know before buying

Inspirational Men’s Jewelry Items

Finding the jewelry for the men’s might be a daunting task for many people. It is very hard to find the right type of jewelry as such an inspirational men’s jewelry. The personality of the men’s decides what kind of jewelry he will prefer. Not all men’s like wearing jewelry. You need to take care of the various aspects of the person such as his need, his style, overall personality, what he likes and what doesn’t like, etc. The person who generally obtains a formal attire will prepare the decent type of jewelry that will suit his personality. He will not like to wear the bracelet, chain or any kind of jewelry which is visible from outside. His profession may not allow him to obtain such style while working in the corporate world. You should find the jewelry that is hidden or stay inside of the cloths.


Inspirational Men's Jewelry Items

Source: savage_lxry

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Best Streetwear Styles for Men

Over the past year we have seen the rise of the streetwear look, which condenses society, music and culture into an accessible everyday style. If you’re looking to break out of the mould of diluted high street fashion, then streetwear style is the perfect way to add more depth into your wardrobe. Here are some of the best independent streetwear brands and styles to give you inspiration for a more edgy and individual look this Summer…

BOY London:

Ever since it’s conception in the 70s, this brand has heralded and underground cult following. Every cool youth group has coveted the edgy designs and has adopted BOY London as their uniform. The best way to add a little bit of style into your wardrobe is to throw in a few BOY London sweatshirts, their distinctive eagle logo is the embodiment of underground rebellion and British style. Since the brand’s revival in 2007 A-listers have been sporting BOY London at all sorts of events and occasions, making the clothing range the epitome of cool. As the revival of the logo is upon us, the popularity for BOY London clothing is only going to get stronger This brand is best known for its distinctive eagle logo, bold prints edgy designs that turn heads in the street. This brand is the ultimate statement maker, so if you’re looking to put yourself a cut above your friends, then definitely consider checking out this brand!

Criminal Damage:

Streetwear for Men

This brand is renowned for their bright, eye-catching colours that you should seek to be adding to your wardrobe as the weather starts to heat up. This brand has been on a mission to add weight to the London streetwear scene since 1991. Over the past couple of years, the popularity of Criminal Damage has soared as the need for more substance and less weak fashion has been established. Their wide collection of jackets, sweatshirts and tees cover the dark and sultry, to the bright and bold, making this a really versatile and sought-after brand. If you’re looking for that fresh London look that will have people stopping in the street, then definitely check this brand out! For the best streetwear style, look to bring bright and edgy tees into your look. This brand has the perfect balance of edge and simplicity and their bold designs will have people turning heads everywhere you go.

Societe Noir:

Societe Noir: Streetwear for Men
No streetwear looks would be complete without the perfect hat. Societe Noir is a cool Manchester based hat company who create the best snapback styles, since its creation in 2015 there has been a steady increase of people sporting the fresh new snapback look. Whether you’re going to the gym or having a day out in the sun, the perfect hat is going to take your outfit coolness to a 10/10. Hats have the ability to make or break your outfit, they draw attention from your overall look, so always make sure to pick one that suits your style!

Blvck Clothing:

After launching in 2007, creators Michael Yabut and Alfred De Talge filled the gap in streetwear fashion and developed a brand that had underlined dark imagery on their sweatshirts, tees and hats. These designs intent to spark conversation and bring to light issues in politics, society and are inspired by religion, death and the ongoing events of the world. If you’re looking for a little bit more depth to your style, then definitely check this brand out.

Blvck Clothing:Streetwear for Men

Streetwear is becoming so much more than a style, it’s becoming a culture and way of life. More independent brands and styles are being introduced into the mix every day, which means that you can completely tailor your look and escape the diluted fashion of the high street. This brand aims to bring simple and affordable clothing as well as hot trending items. Blvck Clothing has offices located in London, India and California and aims to draw inspiration from all different cultures, environments and ongoing events, making this a really globally attuned brand.


This brand is a vessel for modern street fashion. Over the past year, the popularity of Off-White has blown up and is becoming one of the most sought-after styles, which bridges the gap between high street and streetwear fashion. If you’re looking to stand out from your friends, but not from the crowd, then this brand is the one for you. Off-White studies concepts of branding and youth culture, adding emotionally suggestive text for the embodiment of teenage angst. If you’re looking for a way to perfectly embody the brooding teenager and express your frustration with society, growing up and everyday life, then the messages are the perfect execution for this. Their tees and hoodies say everything so you don’t have to.


This brand completely sets itself aside from catwalk fashion and concentrates on fine-tuning the contents of our wardrobe. Their minimalistic tones and muted pieces from Folk can transform a whole look. Their slow and steady growth is about to take off in 2017, as they introduce some fresher pieces into the mix. Minimalism has become one of the most popular and affluent styles over the passing years. It has entered our homes, and now it is entering our wardrobes. Folk clothing is a completely unique independent brand that is a step aside from streetwear into cool. If you’re the type of person to have a little terrine of succulent plants in your bedroom, an edgy throw as a wall hanging and a bowl full of avocados on your kitchen table, then this brand is right up your street. Embrace minimalism, mindfulness and maximum coolness.

Streetwear style is less about looking the same as everybody else, and more about finding your niche and style that fits your personality. If you’re tired of diluted high street fashion and want more depth and brilliance added to your wardrobe, then streetwear style gives you the tools to do this. Independent clothing brands have had more time to be made unique and completely catered to the individual, which is why adding a little bit of streetwear to your wardrobe should be on everybody’s lips.

Types of Men’s Brooches

Men’s Brooches, a well-known ornament from the Roman Empire to the present newest trends proved out to be an admirable jewel.  This oldest jewellery has evolved from the fibula to rosette designs then to oriental taste and the chain keep on emerging till the date now, granting a new flavor of style and flair to the world. Thus, brooches were more on served as ornamental purpose than as any fastening pin. This pin adorns the entire outfit and yet is functional, catering an additional variety, look and attire to the outfits and styles.

In early age, Men’s Brooches being part of tradition, they were also meant to act like safety pins used to fastened or hold the cloths, garments tightly and closely. This is one of the classic jewelry which a man can keep on, exemplifying its personality, convictions, beliefs and views, often a medium of communication. Thus, this is one of the excellent ways to accent or reckon up the look which completes the attire to perfection, giving a final touch.

Men’s Brooches are now available in great varieties; some enameled either with bright colors or gems or both in numerous patterns all varying from a religious or traditional match to a very formal gathering. This decorative clasp and its design influence by the cultural and fashion trends and are of different types and are as follows:

1. Celtic Brooches

These penannular Men’s Brooches were brought from the Early Medieval period and were produced from highly precious metal. They are high quality jewels inspired by the secular arts.

This type of brooch is featured with a long pin attached by its head to a ring and is easily movable throughout the circular ring ends. The ring may be close or open. The ends of the ring are held closely to each other in case of penannular brooches and in pseudo- penannular type the ring is closed by the ends.

These Men’s Brooches come in several sizes and of the different metal, some engrossed with bright colours or stones or simply designed and patterned. The pin is passed through the cloth and then passed back over the ring to fastening the piece of cloth.

This Irish touch to the jewellery comfortably suits from a formal gathering to a family function and brings about a new character to the person personifying the royalty.

Celtic Brooches                                           Celtic Men's Brooches

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Types of Men’s Earrings that Adding Sparks in Personality

The style and appearance of any person exemplify not only the aura but also personifies its identity and integrity. Accessories play a great role in depicting one’s personal style and fashion. So, there are several adornments and add- on for men to reflect their personality and also gives a look which enhances their decency and make them stand out of the crowd. There are various types of appurtenances like men’s earrings, belts, cufflinks, bracelets, studs, shoes, bags watches, thin chains, rings, bands, light hats and much more. All these are embellishments for a man gives a man different attire, style and represents their voguish and trendy genre.

Talking especially about men’s earrings, it’s a part of their lifestyle from many civilisations but the trend was not so attractive and in the mainstream. From long back men’s earrings have been a symbol of cultural significance and nowadays this fashion of earrings for men is becoming prominent and is highly acceptable in today’s culture. A man wearing earrings shows a certainly a different personality of them showcasing their quality of bravery, vulpine class, audacity and peculiarity.

Men’s earrings adding spunk to one’s character are available in many patterns, materials with different styles holding them. There is numerous piercing style, some of them are, scaffold, rim, snug, lobe, conch, inner pinner, diath, rook and tragus.

Mainly there are two types of men’s earrings,

pierced and non- pierced/ mobile earrings.

1. Pierced Earrings: These are the fixed ones and can remain in one place for longer period of time.

2. Non – pierced Earrings: These are mobile ones which can be changed frequently. These are easy to wear and come in different styles such as magnetic, clip – on, stick- on and et cetera.

Men’s earrings are may be designed in pairs or in solitary units with small and simple gems or semi-precious stones signifying man’s masculinity and manliness. There are all manners of earrings designed for men giving them formal or casual look as per the occasion and choice, types of distinct earrings are as follows:

1. Studs Men’s Earrings:

These pieces of earrings are the famous from very long time. These ornaments are certainly simple and adorable giving a causal as well as a dashing look depending upon the pattern, shape and colour of the earring. The stud made up of gold or diamond piece at the front gives a decent look and even suits on two- piece for men.

a. The studs are designed in a way that they appear as a freely associated symbol floats at the front of the ear and a thin- small attached rob is tend to be penetrated through the earlobe.

b. The newel is made up of steel, gold or hyper- allergic metal alloy. The stud formed of gold or silver may be shaped as in flat, pure, plated or sterling attached with a symbol, a gemstone or diamond or any coating is inlayed. The backing can be a screw on the clasp, a cap or a butterfly clasp.

c. Studs are available in a large range from a simple plastic/ rubber lobe to a most expensive material diamond with tremendous variety in designs, patterns, shapes and symbols associated with love, music, square, rectangle, round et al.

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Round - Black Studs with screw on the clasp Round – Black Studs with screw on the clasp.

A Diamond Stud with a cap on the backing men’s earrings

A Diamond Stud with a cap on the backing.

A Diamond stud with screw on the clasp. A Diamond stud with screw on the clasp.

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Men’s vs Women’s Fashion

Brands have their own types and low conclude companies have got succeeded in setting up the market for replica accessories as well as clothing. It’s a complicated task to attempt the difference between the Men’s vs Women’s Fashion. It is obvious that men and women perform things differently, but how to transcribe these differences to shopping for their apparel. But actually, there are tons of differences in men and women fashion.

Men’s Versus Women’s Clothing

Men’s wear no matter causal or formal usually looks sober in contrasting to their women counterparts their clothing comes in variety with something like motivated from fantasy planet. Maybe because women’s are deliberated as soft and delicate than guys and this thing is reflected in their clothes. Women garments are consisted of angel inspired components like fur, glitters and a lot more which makes ladies much more cons pious. Length of the men’s garments is mostly fuller in look when we compare it with women garments. Not only in length, but also men’s wear are heavier and devour more material than women clothes. Ladies clothing appeals for lesser apparel material like skirts, blouses, tops and also women attire are more revealing than that of men’s , they typically requires lesser substance.

Men’s Versus Women’s Clothing Pattern

There is big discrepancy in the prints of the clothing; females have more floral and female or girly prints which are inspired by bright and attractive colors. But menswear is usually incorporated with the blunt print and dark colors. Men’s clothing is limited mostly to two parts trousers and shirts which can consist of jeans, pants and so as for shirts which can be supplemented by t-shirts. Women apparel are not confined to two parts, they can a number of types of dresses which can includes accessories this sort of scarves and so on. Know-a-days particular unisex garments and accessories are also in vogue, it’s easy to carry for both. There is invariably some alteration are there in men and women garment, it may start with buttons. Buttons on men shirt is on right side, women have button for shirts on left side. This change is very rarely perceived. Another thing that is different is the sleeves. For women sleeves have disparate patterns with a loose look while for the men’s garment sleeves are very straight forward. Usually shirt fits snug around the arms and men’s shirt are rarely loose around the sleeves.

Men’s Versus Women’s Denim

There is a stark contrast between the trousers or denim of men and women. Women may have tight or firm fitting while men’s like to have little leg room. Women’s pants also have various different style near leg designed to satisfy female that wears heels.

Men’s Versus Women’s Watches

Men's vs Women's Fashion

Men’s vs Women’s Watches

There is conglomeration of watches that are available and can be sorted into many different categories, but there will two major traits by which every category is distinguished on basic level; men’s watches and women’s watches. If someone is curious about knowing the difference between men’s and women’s watches there are variety of subtle differences between them. From which size of the watch is the first and most important difference. Not necessarily but in general we can say men’s watches tends to be larger and heavier than that of the smaller and lighter women’s watch. Another difference comes out is of color and pattern of watches ,women watches have variety of colors like red, pink etc and also have decorative patterns on it but men’s watch are usually of black, silver or moreover of golden shade. Intentions of making women and men watches are disparate , as women’s watches are meant to grab attention, it may incorporate some diamonds or rhinestones, floral prints, chains which make their look more shiny ,elegant attractive while on the other phase men’s watches are meant with a sober, simple and yet with classy look. One factor is there which is bring into being mostly in men’s watch and that is a general function of the watch, such as calendar and stopwatch which are the common demand of male, whereas for women, focus shifts on how to made more beautiful watch in order to increase the beauty of women’s hand.

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