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History Of Cufflinks

The history of cufflinks can be traced back up to 16th century. Many men wear these cufflinks on various occasions to look smart. If you want to look good, a pair of cufflinks will certainly help. We can find traces of these beautiful cufflinks.

History Of Cufflinks

If we look back into the history Of cufflinks mass production of such precious accessories was made possible. The start of production of cufflinks made a huge difference in the fashion world during this era. It brought revolution to the fashion market as men from middle class to rich men adopted cufflinks as their style statements.


During 18th century as cufflinks made their mark in the mens fashion world, many countries started their own cufflinks productions. They were produced in many designs and styles as fashion demanded.

How Cufflinks Evolved?

How Cufflinks

Now we see cufflinks available in the market in different styles and varieties. Popular pairs are plain gold and silver cufflinks, because of their simple design that can match on any dress. A pair of gold and silver cufflinks with some kinds of inscription is also popular amongst the many men.


Favourite Styles of Cufflinks in The History Of Cufflinks:


Toggle Style:


It is the most common style and it is referred as the swivel-back. This kind of style is characterized by a short, inflexible ornamental bar attached at the back. Bar is attached perpendicularly to a swivel bar which twirls to the buttonhole to tie the cuff.

Chain Link Cufflinks

Chain Cufflink:


It is one of the popular styles for cufflinks for men. It’s design featured by linking chains that join the front and the back of the cufflink. Also, you can personalize these cufflinks by hanging with the chain a metal plate bearing the initials of the wearer.


Silk Knot Cufflinks:


One of the unconventional style of cufflinks. It is made from silk knots having a small chain or ribbon to fix the knot. It can create a variation from the traditional cufflinks made from metal. It does not have any gem stones or other designs and carries their own grace.


Cufflinks can be made matching to your ties’ designs and colours. Type of cufflink is still being which was introduced used in 1920s by the Boyer Company. Cufflinks fashions in the history of cufflinks took another big step when women started wearing them during 20th century.


The choice of variety and style statement it provided to women made cufflinks popular in short time. Women also loved to use it!


In the history Of cufflinks a low point for cufflinks amid the start of the twentieth century when shirt organizations began mass creating shirts that as of now have catches connected to their sleeves. This appears to be low point further tested the cufflinks makers to make more rich, tasteful and uncommon sleeve buttons. Cufflinks then began to go up against an alternate picture: a man who wears them is the core of business and night style.

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