Vintage Cufflinks are Trending Again on Modern Fashion

During the vintage era of cufflinks, Edwardian and Victorian gold cufflinks came up with a variety of unique and antique designs which were usually made up of fifteen or eighteen carat. Aside from gold vintage cufflinks, there were also diamond studded fox heads, enamelled game birds or freshwater fish that catered to sport enthusiasts. There were also novelty designs such as skulls and crossbones. Others were enamelled to depict racehorses and loose women, both of which were equally popular. vintage cufflinks The choice of where your vintage cufflinks are stored is an important part of caring for them. Aside from the fact that they should be properly stored to prevent scratching, the kind of container that they are placed in is also essential. Oak cabinets reportedly give off fumes that can be damaging to your jewellery. Continue reading Vintage Cufflinks are Trending Again on Modern Fashion

Quickest Guide to Wear a Tie Pin

Tie pin, this utensil resembles a studded earring with a chain attached to a long, cylindrical piece of metal or weight. The pin is detached from its base and placed through the material of the tie and then reattached to the base. The weight is then slid through a buttonhole, which keeps the tie in place. An Englishman would always be dressed up and never without his tie and a tie pin. In today’s world, only professionals wear these accessories. Tie pins have always been in vogue, and the fashion has not faded but has been somewhat improvised. Many new patterns and designs have made their appearance.

Wear a Tie Pin

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Cufflinks, Mens Fashion, Tie And Clips

Previously, fashion had been known to be a thing for ladies and women. Today however, men too are part of fashion. Men’s fashion has evolved and continues to evolve daily with new clothes, accessories such as cufflinks and ties and fashion tips available for men.

They came in as a replacement of buttons years ago. They have, however, continued to be considered an excellent way of showing just how many men care about their fashion. Over time, they have grown as a symbol of class, style and sophistication. The sight of a man in them conveys confidence. This is because they are nearly always an element that completes the glooming and clad of men of power. Therefore considered a paramount accessory in men’s adornment. We understand that the best if they correspond to a man’s wardrobe hence, come in various shapes, sizes and make.

We also have them in different styles-traditional, contemporary and novelty-to suit the occasion in question. The styles also help cater for the different personalities of people. Whether you are a serious and no-nonsense man or the outgoing and all relaxed kind of man, our cufflinks will accommodate and be in line with your personality fully. It is also possible to make an order of a totally unique cufflinkwith the engraving of your choice say with your name initials or a specific image.

Tie Clip, Tie Bar, Tie Pin: How to Wear and Where To Place

The Tie

This is one of men’s fashion accessory that makes a statement about a man. A tiegoes a long way in making a man more presentable and creating a great first impression in what you wear. Whether at work or outdoors, ties have been known to make men look sexier, classier, attractive, sleek, cool and also professional. Our wide variety of ties will help you to choose from be all this and more. They come in different colors, made of different material type and in different sizes to suit all men’s varied purposes. The options available are limitless.

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Why Tuxedos Looks Much Better With Cufflinks

In our modern time, cufflinks are accessories that can be used and purchases by just about any one. It is usually used along with formal attire like Tuxedos, but it can now be worn with casual wear. If you plan to buy a pair of cufflinks for your husband or for someone special, here are some tips that might help you out:

Why Tuxedos Looks Much Better With Cufflinks

If you want to find something unique:

Try to search online for several stores that sell cufflinks. They offer more designs than the typical ones you see in malls. You can even buy cufflinks now that are designed like a guitar (for music lovers), or football (for football fans and players), etc.

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Matching Cufflinks and Tie Clips will make You Best in the Party

If you are looking for ways to add more style and a touch of personality to your outfit, then Matching cufflinks and tie clips is the best way to go. As with any other pieces of clothing, cufflinks should be properly matched with your ties, dress shirts and any other pieces of clothing that you will wear, including your belts and your shoes. If you want to know how to properly pair up your cufflinks with the rest of your outfit,

Matching Cufflinks And Tie Clips


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