21 types of cufflinks you need to know before buy cufflinks online

Do you know your style statement can make a lasting impression on the person you meet in a day? Yes, it is true. The basic fundamental way to judge a person is his appearance. It cannot be judged on the mere basis of clothes. You need a strong armament i.e., personality. Cufflink can help you to enhance your charisma. Let me explain to you. It might be a piece of accessory for you to wear or cuff your sleeves but it can prove to be a greater factor in enhancing your style. Cufflink has been accepted and classic jewelry for men. It has never been too outdated to wear. They can wear them on any occasion they want. Cufflinks can prove to be the best gift on great occasion such as on Birthday, Father’s Day or on your Wedding. It will surely bring a smile to their face. So, if you are thinking to buy cufflinks for yourself or to gift it then you should know the different types of cufflinks available in the market before you buy cufflinks online. It helps you to choose the perfect ones.

  1. Fixed back Cufflinks
  2. Calibre Cut Cufflinks
  3. Fabric Cufflinks
  4. Torpedo Cufflinks
  5. Dress Set Cufflinks
  6. Silk Knot Cufflinks
  7. Locking Cufflinks
  8. Bar Cufflinks
  9. Spool Cufflinks
  10. Ogham Cufflinks
  11. Ball Returns Cufflinks
  12. Whaleback Closure Cufflinks
  13. Bullet Back/Toggle Closure Cufflinks
  14. Wrap – a – Round Cufflinks
  15. Reversible Cufflinks
  16. Snap link Cufflinks
  17. Chain Link Cufflinks
  18. Button/Stud Cufflinks
  19. Coil back Cufflinks
  20. Football back Cufflinks
  21. Bridge Connection Cufflinks



1) Fixed back Cufflinks

Do you know that if you wear cufflinks, it will make you look more wealthy and presentable in your regular outfits? The backing of the cufflink and post are the same piece and attached to the back side of the cufflink. It is single piece cufflink. Its backing does not bend and consist of not movable parts. The shape of the backing can be pointed or rounded. The backing accessory of the cufflink does not slide, according to the shape. It is on the back side. It might prove to be tricky to wear, but they found to be more durable.

2) Calibre Cut Cufflinks

It is another special type of cufflinks you should try. In this cufflinks type, the precious gems are cut in square shaped. So, that the rest of the stones or gems can be fitted within space. This is generally used to create the window panel effect on the cufflinks. It comes in various sizes, from small to medium. It adds the sparks in your personality and you appear more attractive. Sure you gonna buy a pair of these cufflinks when you see them.

3) Fabric Cufflinks

If you are going out for a casual function or parties, then don’t forget to choose fabric cufflinks from your wardrobe. It is nearly similar to silk knot cufflinks. It has a fabric button on its front face. You can also wear them on your regular days. They help you to carry your casual look in a smooth way. So, take out the pair, wear them and flaunt your wrist.

4) Torpedo Cufflinks

The other name for the torpedo cufflinks is that push through cufflinks. One side of the cufflink is more decorative than the other side of the cufflink. The plain clip slides the through the hole of the shirt cuffs and twists it to fasten them. Generally, they wear on the formal meetings or any formal social event. You can also wear them if you the boss of your company or acquires a high designation in the company. It not only attracts the clients, but your employees will be more impressed by you.

5) Dress Set Cufflinks

Are you really bored of wearing that same shirt? So, it’s the time to change them. We are not talking about changing your shirt, it is about changing your style. You can change it by buying a pair of cufflinks. This is the cufflinks which not only consist of a pair of cufflinks but also matching studs and matching buttons. So, that you can wear them on your sleeves and shirts and look well-defined man. It usually comes in the pack of boxes which can be a great idea to gift to someone you care.

6) Silk Knot Cufflinks

Silk Knot cufflinks are somewhat similar to the chain cufflinks because they have the same base structure just like chain cufflinks. It is also known as elastic cufflinks. The only difference between chain cufflinks and silk cufflinks is that they are made up of silk knots rather than a metal base. They have decorative heads on the both ends of the cufflinks. It is made up of silk threads. When the different colours of threads are intertwined with each other, they will look more graceful. The irregular surface adds more uniqueness to this cufflink. The best part is that you can wear these kinds of cufflinks on your regular shirts and it does not require high maintenance. They are less durable as compared to the metal yet more affordable than others. These are skillfully designed to affluence your attire. So, you would look the best among others. So why not buy Silk Knot cufflinks for a change if you haven’t tried them yet!

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7) Locking Cufflinks

This cufflink has the unique design among all other collections of cufflinks. It is functional and innovative. It works upon the hinge mechanism. Cufflinks are easily inserted in, folded and they are locked. It has a dual action foldable locking system. Cufflinks are really the prettiest thing that a man can wear. Your style reflects your attitude.

8) Bar Cufflinks

These are the cufflinks which contain two decorative balls on the both ends of the cufflinks. They are simple yet great. You can choose the colour according to your will. Selecting perfect color for the bar cufflinks can highlight your attire.

9) Spool Cufflinks

Some of the coolest things are really simple and easy to use. We know that those buttons are really boring to use and we need a substitute for them and the best option is cufflink. It not only fasten up the cuffs but also give a style to your personality. The front or the post and closure are of the same sizes and shapes. They are just like two round spherical which have flat ends on another side. Those two spheres are connected with the help of single rod. It never looks outdated. A pair of cufflinks acquires a place in men’s wardrobe.

10) Ogham Cufflinks

Ogham is an Irish alphabet just like English alphabets. This is one of the type engraved cufflink. Some lines are marked horizontally and vertically, which represents an Irish symbol or alphabet. A long time ago, Ogham writing was carved into the large stones or those wooden planks all around the Ireland. So, these cufflinks are adapted from the Ogham writing. It gives a message on your cufflink. There are some Ogham cufflinks with are engraved with the word ‘love’. It can be a perfect gift for the someone you love.

cufflink should match the attire otherwise it will look too tacky and loud and can distract the attention of others.



11) Ball Returns Cufflinks

Ball return backing has a curved ball like shape which is attached to the decorative material on the other side of the cufflinks with the help of a rod. The rod or ball may be hollow or solid from inside. The backing of this cufflink is way more beautiful than the other cufflinks. The backing serves an elegant design. It can be in silver, gold or any other decorative material. Sterling silver is considered as the most popular choice in the ball return cufflinks. The main benefit of this cufflink is that it is easy to put on and it loosens your cuffs. It is considered more stylish than the toggle or back cufflink. If you have a great sense of fashion so this cufflink is for you. This cufflink can be a little expensive, which depends upon the decorative material used in the cufflink. The weight of the ball adds up more price in the net value of cufflink.

12) Whaleback Closure Cufflinks

This type of cufflinks has a flat front face and a whale-like tail that flips over the post. It is easy to handle because of the size of this cufflink. It has a simple closure mechanism. The whole closing aligned with the post to slot the buttonholes. It helps to settle the cufflink in the place where it was attached to the cuffs. This is one of the common type of cufflink which can be easily available in the market. Wear the cufflink and be gentlemen of greatness.

types of cufflinks



13) Bullet Back/Toggle Closure Cufflinks

There are dozens of cufflinks are available in the market and you need to choose that one perfect cufflink that will look great on your attire. This bullet back cufflink is the most commonly used cufflink due to the ease and security, in this cufflink, the post is hollow frame and some precious stones can be engraved in the frame of the post. The closure part consists of the cylinder-shaped mechanism. The backing is just like bullet shaped or capsule shaped. While locking the cufflink, you need to flip the cylinder to the outward. It can be flipped up to 90 degrees. Nowadays, an attire of a man remains incomplete without the pair of cufflinks. It allows the man to show off their attitude without becoming tacky.

14) Wrap – a – Round Cufflinks

You need to adopt a style for yourself. It should be like a constant companion for you. You don’t have to buy cufflinks if you are not going to wear more than once or twice in your life. It is a type of cufflink which consist of a band that can wrap around the side of the cuffs. It can be wrapped either partially or completely. It can fix or removed. It depends upon your selection. The band can be solid or it can also be a metal mesh. Choose your style and stick to it.

15) Reversible Cufflinks

Why you should buy two pairs of cufflinks when you can use the single pair of cufflinks just like the two. This is the main advantage of this cufflink, it gives you two wonderful choices to select. There are various types of cufflinks are available in the market. So, all you need to do is match the cufflink which serves as a complimentary for your suit. Choose the best cufflinks with that tuxedo and you can be the best-dressed man in the town and you will notice you will catch everyone’s attention over there.

16) Snap link Cufflinks

These cufflinks are the part of the vintage collection. They were usually made in 1920’s. It has two viewing parts and four components. When two components are snap together they form one cufflink. It is a dual facing ornament and convenient to use. Half of the shirt should be inserted into one side of the folded double cuff. They pressed together to close the cuff. You can snap your shirt inside the cufflink and can hang your shirt without worrying about it. They are extremely easy to use and look more fashionable. It is difficult to find in local stores.

17) Chain Link Cufflinks

By the name, we can easily guess the two ends of the cufflink are attached to the chain. It is one of the traditional type of cufflink wore by men. These cufflinks are best suited for the social gathering. The benefit of this design is that there is something more decorative to look upon the both sides of the shirt cuffs. It requires some agility to insert the back end through the holes in the shirt cuff with a rigid post, it is possible to push the back end through the hole easily, but with chain links rather more dexterity is required to ease the back through the holes. Sometimes, it is little difficult to wear without the help of someone. It is the kind of cufflink which looks great on the both the sides of the cuffs. This cufflink is preferred to wear on your tuxedos or on your black-tie events. So, don’t hesitate to try this cufflink, it might be a turn on for the person you were looking.

Choose your cufflink from this wide range and make yourself look more elegant. You never know, you might be the best-dressed man around your friends or family. So, choose the right cufflink based on your preferences and style.


types of cufflinks

18) Button/Stud Cufflinks

Cufflinks have become a style statement of every man. This cufflink does not have any moving parts. It is easy to adjust in the hole of the shirt cuff. It is smaller and lighter in weight than other cufflinks. Both the ends of the cufflinks consist of the same material. It has a large head at the front of the cufflink and requires more effort to fasten the cuff as it doesn’t have movable parts. It is durable and holds your cuff comfortably. This can be a timeless gift for a man in your life. There are many varieties to choose from, this button cufflinks. Now, like a boss you can wear it with more confidence than before.

19) Coil back Cufflinks

It is somewhat different to the original cufflinks, but still it can be used just like cufflinks. You can say it is just like a substitute for the cufflink. The backing or the closure mechanism of the cufflink is in the coil-shaped form and you don’t need a button hole while wearing it. They are generally used as fabric fasteners. It is also known as pigtails. Next time whenever you shop for yourself, go and buy a french cuff shirt with a pair of cufflinks and you won’t ever regret.

20) Football back Cufflinks

As the name suggests, the cufflink has a closure mechanism which is just shaped as a football. The front panel and the football shaped backing are attached to a single rod. The rod can be in bend or straight form. The football backing and the rod can be hollow or in the solid form.

21) Bridge Connection Cufflinks

A bridge shaped connection is present between the ends of the cufflinks. The connection is the flattened type. These are one of the antique types in the collection of your cufflink. These are not easily available in the market, but you can buy it from the online stores.

types of cufflinks

Now you can filter your ideas and you can choose which suits you perfectly. The basic thing you have to keep in your mind that the cufflink should match the attire otherwise it will look too tacky and loud and can distract the attention of others.
Do you love to collect those vintage coins or different currency coins in your childhood? Do you know they can help you to give you a little vintage look in the form of cufflinks? For a change, It is good to try some vintage cufflinks.
Just remember one small tip, if you want to buy that one pair of cufflink that can go with every attire you wear then silver cufflinks are the best option available.
Choose your cufflink from this wide range and make yourself look more elegant. You never know, you might be the best-dressed man around your friends or family. So, choose the right cufflink based on your preferences and style.
Are you going out for an important interview or a candle-light dinner? Don’t miss to wear a cufflink. This is what reflects your attitude to the person.
Just go and shop for yourself or any significant person in your life and gift them a pair of cufflinks which helps them to stand out from the crowd. It is just a click away.

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