Legit Kpop BTS Merch – Calling out #BTSArmy

BTS Festa Moodlight


BTS mood light stand

BTS Festa not only gave a whole new concept about BTS music but also gave us merchandise that uses full and makes us remember our favorite music group. Mood light is a stand that has an acrylic transparent panel that can be lit up. It is connected to a power source via a USB cable. This package also contains mini cards of the #BTS members. BTS Festa merch is available to buy on both eBay and Amazon.

Besides their song performances and tremendous song videos or albums, they have assigned a separate crew to make the best fashion decision. They spent hours that makes it look all worthy. That’s why almost every devoted stan of BTS, is going gaga over their stage fashion and even their airport looks captured by paparazzi. Truly, they have given us major fashion goals. The BTS group has majorly influenced our fashion choices, isn’t it?

Show off your true fandom by wearing your favorite K-pop BTS merch from the above list. And, don’t forget to tell us which one is your favorite. Besides BTS K-pop official merchandise, let us know if you want us to show how to pull off the BTS merch fashion style in the comment section. Till then, turn your swag on and love yourself.

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