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If you are a BTS fan or a part of the BTS Army, then you know how much K-pop idols are obsessed with oversized hoodies and cool t-shirts? So, if you want to show your eternal love to the band, then you can get great options from which to choose. From dressing to college to BTS concerts, here are the best options that we have found for you.

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  • Get this classic BTS logo hoodie which is accessible in black and white color. The most satisfying part about the hoodie is that it lets you choose your favorite K-pop star from the band with their name on the back of the legit BTS K-pop Merchandise. It is an excellent choice for women, girls, and boys. The material of the hoodie provides the best comfort. Wings Era gave us a whole new version of our BTS. The song represents how the young generation loses their innocence hence all the merchandise was black-colored. This hoodie was the original merch released by BTS with their slogan and BigHits stamp. With a minimum price of 19 USD, it is available in comfy sizes of medium and large. With the 100% best quality. If you like to buy, what you see, It is available to buy on amazon.
BTS Merch T-shirts
  • If you are not a hoodie person, then we found out different options for you! Trust us when we say that this is the best thing that you will own in your dresser. It also comes in two colors, i.e., Black and white with the logo on the front side and your favorite K-pop star number from BTS is on the back. This is comfortable to wear and retails for $13.88. If you want to buy it, It is available to buy on amazon.
BT21 Shirt  Kpop  BTS  BT21  Bangtan  t shirt rear and front
BT21 Shirt  Kpop  BTS  BT21  Bangtan  Short Sleeve  ANY image 2Unisex BT21 T-Shirt  Chimmy Shirt  Jimin Shirt  BTS White image 0Unisex BT21 T-Shirt  Chimmy Shirt  Jimin Shirt  BTS White image 1

Are you an army? then BT21 products are not unknown to you, are they? this graphic t-shirt is a piece of fashion, art for the army. each of them features Mang saying “Cosmic Danger”, Shooky with words such as “Super Shooky”, “super curious ” tata, “100% Pure Alpaca” Rj. these chic and different appearances of BT21 gives us such satisfying happiness. so go ahead and show off everyone about your love for the BTS. this being released in 2018 April is an official collectible licensed under our Big Hit Entertainment. Black, white, pink made of cotton are unisexual and hence comes in all sizes Small, medium, large. Buy on Etsy

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