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The white sailor cap: this can be a casual worn hat in sunny weather. When you are willing to have an accessory go with something which goes with your three fourth pajamas and a Hawaiian shirt or a singlet this cap gives a sexy vintage edge to your look.

The white sailor caps
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Pork pie sailor hat: this hat gives a total look of a sailor. And if you want the look you will get it with this accessory. This royal naval sailor pie hat has a message and identity and stands out in the crowd.

Colorful sailor caps: are the caps that give us the warmth and also coolness of the ocean, we need in our look of the attire. This is the modern-day change with the glimpse of the old navy uniforms. These are found in very bright to dark colors also in a mishmash color. People love it and can be seen in many places worn. Teenagers often use colorful sailor caps along with designer glasses.

Stripped colored sailor hats: the hats are so unique and so edgy you can almost not be unnoticed. This hat has a striped front panel either of one color or different colors. And the ones who love stripes this cap is the way to go for them. This hat trend gives no memories of the uniform naval officer’s cap. This has a modern age, funky and stylish look.

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