Father Of The Bride Cufflinks, Tie clips, and Suits


As the father of the bride, they play an important role in the wedding party. The preparations on witty speech, walking down the aisle, the bride father dance which is of course awaited by a whole lot of people, then the other ceremonies, the sent off, the welcome performance for the groom, everything goes on which people will reminisce over many years to come then there is something which even when forgotten by the people will always be a memorable outfit for the man who put the hand of their little girl on another man’s hand. So the outfit needs to have the characteristics of comfort, style, trendy, and most importantly lovable.   

How to choose the most admirable outfit for the Father Of The Bride

It is not only the big day for the bride but also for the father. when the business increases exceptionally and he is emotional as well the best company for him would be the outfit that can keep up. while suits and coats are on-trend, it won’t suit him in a beach wedding, so consulting the bride and groom beforehand will be a good option. In equatorial places the dads should wear something lite at the wedding cause dads would hardly have time for changing in the middle of ceremonies. 

Winter weddings even casuals, tux, and suits will be the best attire for the father even the trend says otherwise. The day wedding goes best with the light-colored attire and the night wedding has the advantage of the dark attires thus bringing out the best of any season or location.

The Asian wedding with the Nehru jackets gives a vibe of keeping up the culture with the trends. the traditional Sherwanis and dhotis always rock in all themes just with the light colors in the day but to keep up at night it needs to be a little glamorous. 

sherwaani father of the bride

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Rightly said,”Dad is daughter’s first love”.
Bidaai is an emotional rollercoaster for not only for bride but even more painful for her father.

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