Father Of The Bride Cufflinks, Tie clips, and Suits

Outdoor Reception


Outdoor reception

Outdoor reception with a formal theme makes the best entrance for a rustic grey suit or a nude dark suit . the places like Asia the embroidered suit with suitable color dhoti makes a great theme-related attire.  

outdoor formal father of the bride
📷 credit: Jeff Tisman
Father’s Day is coming up. For this week I’m going to share some of my favorite photos of brides and their dad’s. Today I’ll kick off the week with Nina and her dad. The main reason I love this photo is Nina’s dad wasn’t the most expressive in terms of showing emotion. But as they were getting ready to walk down the aisle together Nina’s dad leaned over and said something causing Nina to laugh out loud. Leaving dad smiling right along with her. These are the moments that matter to me. Life captured. 

Outdoor formal reception accessory

A pair of sunglasses or a hat with a brim will always play a fashionable role in the dress code. A good pair of leather derby or even the loafers for outdoor weddings any restriction is not invited. To give it a classy touch a boutonniere always finishes the look. 

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