Why We Love Flannel Jacket

History of Flannel Jacket

The flannel jacket used to represent the working man’s garment of choice, together with the denim overalls and jeans. Invented sometime during the 1970s, flannel was worn by everyone, and though we recognize it in depictions of lumberjacks throughout America or Canada, it soon gained favor with lower-class, middle-class and even upper-class and celebrity folk.

Flannel Jacket

Attraction of the Flannel Jacket

Perhaps the attraction the flannel jacket incites in people is, besides the comfort and warmth it offers, that it stands as an American symbol, almost a uniform of the people who made America what it is today.

Flannel is often mentioned side by side with plaid, though the flannel was the first to be invented and after it the well-known red and black plaid was created. They have a lot in common, yet they are not the same and a careful analyze will reveal that.

One of the great things about the flannel jacket is that it keeps you very warm and it is a great overall clothing item. It is also easily maintained and cleaned, and in most instances it will be cheap too, unless you want to purchase well-known brands or fashion designer flannel items.

Nowadays creating an “I don’t really care” look is very important for fashion-addicts, hipsters or just very rich and famous people. For them, the flannel jacket combined with a simple pair of jeans and boots or sports shoes is a perfect choice.

The flannel jacket, though so simple and unpretentious, can actually come in infinite or countless variations of color combinations and square sizes, which probably accounts for some of its popularity. That is why you can find it in thrift stores, second-hand shops, supermarkets, brand stores like Urban Outfitters and high-end fashion designer collections of the likes of Ralph Lauren or Vivienne Westwood.

Flannel look great on men and women, it looks great on children and, why not, even little animals who need some winter protection.

Even celebrities love it

The flannel jacket has reinvented itself year after year, generation after generation, representing each one’s personalities and uniqueness, yet gathering them all in a common denominator.

We are all different yet we are all the same. One can even trace the wear of flannel jackets to celebrities and movie stars like George Clooney, the entire cast of the original Beverley Hills: 90210, Kurt Cobain – who made many appearances in this fashion –, rap artists like Pharrell, actress Mary-Kate Olsen and just about every one of today’s hipsters. So don’t waste any more time and try the flannel yourself: you’ll fall in love and never want to change again.

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