Gold Rings for Men including Navaratna Astrological Nine Gemstones Ring

Designer’s gold rings for men, especially of real gold product symbolizes an important part of man’s elegance and identity, symbolizing kings, nobles, and rich. It also symbolizes power and control.

While some of the gold rings for men bore the seals of the king or the holder, the other rings bore a gemstone that reflected the personality and perhaps protection.

The ancient people believed in the capabilities of therapeutic gems and their benefits in the transmission of strength, courage, and control; making them a welcome guest on the rings of sultans, emperors, merchants, lords, and rulers, especially in the periods before the industrial revolution.

The Asians continued their love for men’s gold rings to express the man’s interest in his elegance and his historical heritage, and many Asian women give elegant men’s gold rings to their husbands, especially as gifts.

This article will highlight some of the most beautiful designs of men’s gold rings. It will, therefore, make a choice of this combination from great designers and their designers gold rings for men, both in the distant past and in contemporary times.

Top 4 Reputable Designers who Make Gold Rings for Men


They offer branded Men’s Rings made of gold multiple designs for the contemporary world – for the man of excellence and it highlights the identity of which we choose rings decorated in the spirit of Cartier Fahd famous symbol of the power and the superiority of the white or yellow gold with diamonds and onyx.

Cartier also presented the Eternity ring for men with multiple rings extending and connecting to express the sentimentality in a combination of white or yellow gold with Onyx.

It is as well, a variety of men’s rings with Cartier signature in the ring or tubular designs or in the form of gold, yellow or pink gold-plated screws with or without diamond touches.

Some of Cartier’s Gold Rings for Men


cartier panther gold rings for men












Piaget offers Piaget men’s gold rings designs of a gold element that reflects the purity of the emotions of love and a sincere lover that is fit for a man who expresses public boldness; that is not ashamed to reveal infinite love like elegant ring possession. As bold as the reflection of gold, Piaget’s men’s gold rings are often designed to express boldness for love.

Photos of the Piaget’s Gold Rings for Men

Piaget gold rings for men



Piaget POSSESSION WEDDING gold rings for men




The Versace gold rings for men, with the emblem of the prominent sign in gold and black.



Spirit of Versace – brand Versace, looking prominent in men’s gold rings is heading the strong man Moataz Bergolath striking an elegant Italian man features, where the brand logo has chosen to be prominent in an attractive design.


They offer the epitome of Italian design for a modern man who is adaptive to time in wide-brimmed Italian design.

Bulgari designer gold rings for men are the quintessence of jewelry design. They come in plain yellow gold, white gold or are crafted gold rings with precious stones.

Photos of Bulgari Men’s Gold Rings

bulgari four band 18 kt rose, white and yellow gold rings for men



bulgari Serpenti one-coil 18 kt rose gold rings for men, set with pavé diamonds on the head.



Contemporary Gold Rings for Men

After several thousand years of successive modes, the styles and types of men’s gold rings are now innumerable: alliance rings, engagement rings, and signet rings are the most famous, however, we do you know that there are countless other kinds of rings. Indeed, cataloging the jewels of a single civilization, like the Romans for example, would represent a real challenge. Whether they have a symbolic function, social or simply aesthetic, the rings are a reflection of their time and say a lot about their owner! Let’s try today to sift through the main types of men’s gold rings:

Different types and designs of men’s gold rings; whether in shape, material, use or meaning, have gone through the ages. Some of them, and especially those that have a symbolic function as the alliance or the signet ring are still widely acclaimed today. Here are some famous designs of men’s gold rings that are still worn today. I suppose that you have at least, one!


• Alliance

Alliance gold rings for men Gold ring presented at the time of marriage to signify union and marital commitment. Initially worn by women, alliances are now worn by both spouses; especially the men.

• Championship Ring or Sports Rings for Men Championship Ring or Sports Gold Rings for Men

The ring is worn by members of the winning teams of professional sports leagues and university tournaments in the USA. The most famous is the SuperBowl ring and the World Series ring. It is crafted with gold and especially worn by men.

• Claddagh ring

Claddagh gold rings for men Irish gold ring design is symbolizing friendship, seduction or engagement. It is traditionally worn to indicate the availability of love. In recent times, it is commonly worn as an alliance. In past centuries, these rings were passed from mother to daughter, although these days, men now wear them more than women.


• Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Gold Rings for men and women

Imposing gold rings for men and women, with a large center stone often surrounded by small stones. The design is especially compatible with male fashion. Almost all oversized rings for women can be called “cocktail”. But this is the most common type of ring of costume jewelry fashionable men adorn themselves with.

•Doctorate Ring

Doctorate Gold Ring for men

This golden ring is worn mostly by a male doctor who graduates from a Danish or Swedish university. In America, it is common for priests who have obtained their doctorate in theology to wear such a ring on a finger of the right hand.

•Ecclesiastical Ring

This gold ring is worn by the Christian religious leaders, either as a symbol of authority for clerics or as a guide for a special religious symbol. When worn by bishops or priests of higher rank, it is called “episcopal ring”.

Ecclesiastical Gold Ring for Men

•Five Metals ring


The five-metal ring often took the form of a sterling silver ring with shards of gold, tin, lead, and copper


A ring considered by the Talmud as a lucky talisman and a kabbalistic accessory. Five metals extracted from the soil (gold, silver, copper, tin, and lead) must be joined but not alloyed in a ring. The ring can only be made once a month, “when the moon is in Jupiter”, over a period of five hours, from 1 pm to 6 pm and only at the conclusion of the Sabbath (Saturday night). The five-metal ring often took the form of a sterling silver ring with shards of gold, tin, lead, and copper. The Talmud says, “Wear it [the ring] on you, and you will see miracles.”

•Posie ring(Posy ring)

Ring with a long inscription on its inner or outer surface. They have been commonly used as an engagement ring or wedding ring. Also called “poesy ring”, in reference to the generally poetic inscription of the engraving. It is a 24 karat gold metal ring worn especially by men.

Posie 24 kt gold metal ring worn especially by men


•Memento mori ring

Memento mori gold ring for men

Memento mori Gold ring for men dating largely from the 16th to the 17th centuries in the form of a ring with a skull. It is one of the most fashionable rings you find on the fingers of men with exotic taste.


•Giardinetti ring

Giardinetti gold rings for men

Italian term meaning “‘small garden”. This ring has a pierced rim containing several small stones, crafted around the gold rim. It was very common in the second half of the 18th century. Today, both men and women wear it during occasions marked with fanfare.

•Buddhist Gold Rings for Men

Buddhist Gold Rings for Men

Designed to the appeal of Buddhist faithful: an ancient law handmade six words Buddhist gold rings for men and women. It is often a gifting item with a high value.


• Navaratna Gold Rings for Men

Navaratna Gold Rings for MenNavaratna Gold Rings for Men Navaratna Gold Rings for Men

Nawarathan gold ring for men has varieties of fascinating designs. Often crafted in a 14 karat to 18 karat gold. The Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye are the nine gemstones that are a part of a Navaratna ring. The ruby takes part at the center of the Navaratna ring as it represents the sun. Each of the gemstones represents one of the planets and they counter-attack any adverse effects of any negative energies floating around us.

The item is found in specialized stores, especially in Asia.

More on Navaratna Gold Ring for Men

The Nawarathan ring is a fashionable gold ring worn by men and women. The one described in this article is especially about the men’s design. Nawarathan ring goes beyond fashion; it does more: Astrology.

Basically, astrology’s optimal focus is that everyone is born for a cause, and well crafted and prepared to execute the cause, evenly. For this reason, all humans have a life’s masterpiece, at least.

During the medieval periods when raw astrology blossomed, precious stones, talisman, lockets, holy threads, among others are some of the remedial masterpiece people depends on to navigate or re-navigate their cause for/in life as a practice of astrology.

Through these tools, measures are undertaken to remedy the effects of planetary tendencies by either reducing its effects or enhancing it for the benefit of its apologists (user).

Nawarathan ring plays a very vital role as a remedial masterpiece for one’s cause in life.

It is a 9 gem ring plated with gold. Users wear them when they feel a need to overcome a current obstacle by augmenting one’s level of effort in multiple folds, at a given circumstance.

Buddhist show benevolence by donating the ring to the temple once it has been used to overcome the given circumstance, and head on with life’s journey.

As the belief goes, humans are born complete and perfect, for this, Nawarathan ring as a particular variety of astrological masterpiece for cause remedial measures are only worn for a very short period of time.

Nawarathan ring is perfect during the period when we are relegating on our expected position in life, especially when much effort is put in, but no encouraging results to commemorate the effort, Nawarathan ring is recommended to help overthrow the situation and meet on with desired expectations in life.



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    Men are known to wear large carat astrological rings to invoke the best of the positive effects in their lives, in their careers, in their businesses and their families. Like the woman of the household, even a man thinks, concerns and prays for the wellbeing of his family members; at times going out of their way to protect and safeguard them or even doing the most simplistic things in the most practical manner. Men have a deep bonding with gems and astrological ornaments, be it rings, pendants or even wrist embellishments. Apart from wearing astrological and navratna rings for zodiacal purposes, men also wear gemstone pendants with the same intent. Only difference, most of the Candere pendants have 5Ct of gemstone embedded, that make them heavy and expensive.

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