Metrosexual Fashion Trends – Spornosexual Men of the Modern Culture

Metrosexual Ideas in Different Countries

Metrosexual Ideas in Different Countries

Koreans that follow the metrosexual culture and they use BB cream in Korea. Some of the male respondents also use perfume, sunscreen, and facial foam. They also use shampoo daily. Men also use lotion, as well as lip balm. If you are aware of BTS or a similar group from Kpop culture I’m sure this is no wonder to you.

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In UAE, metro-sexuality still exists. It might look homosexual, but he is metrosexual. They don’t mind being admired by men and women alike, and also don’t care if they are called gay when they portray their metro-sexuality. Some Arabian men go to spas to look handsome and macho. The resort will give most gentleman’s scrub to guests as well as a heated massage. UAE men have leaned towards metro-sexuality.

In the USA working class, many women complain their partner is high-maintenance, and they take ages to prep in the bathroom. They also make sure that they are styled the right way before they leave their home, and some ladies state their partners are hard to manage. These men also need gifts and led their girlfriends to go into debt to maintain them.

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In Japan, men do proper skincare and try to go for plastic surgery to look perfect. Some say that they instead get their eyebrows plucked more than they would go for sex. They prioritize their time with family and friends compared to work unless he is a sararīman(Salaryman). They also go to salons.

Men’s masculinity has changed more. Now in different countries, metrosexual men demand more from their partners, which means the woman will have to upkeep their partners if they want a good-looking metrosexual boyfriend.

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