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Let’s talk about Sarong for men but let us be clear about similarly used garments first. Because if you are from a European country or a western continent such as the USA, maybe you are getting a hard time while understanding what is a Sarong and why Southeast and Southern Asian people are too much into kind of garments. Hence For you to understand it easily I would say “A Sarong is a skirt for men”. Not exactly like a skirt but it’s more alike. A sarong is a fabric of long length which can be draped around the waist and tucked in. However, Sarongs are more than just drapery. In various places, it has its own unique complicated style to be worn. The traditional ways of tying the sarong can be seen in remote areas of different places. Men walk around in it, flexing their culture and style respectively.

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Sarongs aren’t usually expensive luxury men’s wear. You can buy a piece by spending around $20 on eBay or Amazon. But you have to make sure it’s an actual sarong which is meant to be worn by a man because there is a trend, women using garments which look similar to sarongs on the beach as a swimsuit cover-up. While sarongs are cheap as a daily garment, there are expensive luxury variations that could be found in the Southern Asian markets. They are used on special occasions such as Indian wedding events, and religious rituals and ceremonies. Their price tag goes up to thousands of dollars depending on the designer and the materials used.

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