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Let’s talk about Sarong for men but let us be clear about similarly used garments first. Because if you are from a European country or a western continent such as the USA, maybe you are getting a hard time while understanding what is a Sarong and why Southeast and Southern Asian people are too much into kind of garments. Hence For you to understand it easily I would say “A Sarong is a skirt for men”. Not exactly like a skirt but it’s more alike. A sarong is a fabric of long length which can be draped around the waist and tucked in. However, Sarongs are more than just drapery. In various places, it has its own unique complicated style to be worn. The traditional ways of tying the sarong can be seen in remote areas of different places. Men walk around in it, flexing their culture and style respectively.

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Sarongs aren’t usually expensive luxury men’s wear. You can buy a piece by spending around $20 on eBay or Amazon. But you have to make sure it’s an actual sarong which is meant to be worn by a man because there is a trend, women using garments which look similar to sarongs on the beach as a swimsuit cover-up. While sarongs are cheap as a daily garment, there are expensive luxury variations that could be found in the Southern Asian markets. They are used on special occasions such as Indian wedding events, and religious rituals and ceremonies. Their price tag goes up to thousands of dollars depending on the designer and the materials used.

Funny Hip hop dance challenge in a sarong

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Traditional sarongs come in Woven plaids so it is tightly stuck to the waist. Loose sarongs need to be draped manually. Checkered or squared patterns are woven by means of traditional native weaving methods from long back centuries. Traditional coloring methods such as “Batik” or “ikat” are used to dye the garment. These methods have been the traditional native methods thus are the cultural representatives of their respective places. over years sarongs are also evolving with more and more varied designs and images such as plants and flowers and animals and important cultural symbols. Modern days sarongs have designs and patterns which are contemporary to keep up with the latest fashion. Recently we can also find it included in the Asian hip-hop culture. These limitless variations along with the exceptional comfort it provides make it an eye-catching attire to put on. And the hustle about sarongs has been spreading from Arabian peninsula to Indian subcontinent to Srilanka, southern Asia, Southeast Asia parts of Africa and also in a lot of places in Pacific Islands henceforth spreading around the Asia Continent and also in the western world considering it to be very stylish.

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Respective places all around the world have their own way to put on this attire. And this delivers the proud classic approach in men’s fashion wearing. Each style of wearing the sarong is unique and different. These are derived from cultural traditions, occupations, styles of ancient civilizations. Usually, sarongs are worn in very important occasions in a traditional way making this garment culturally significant such as weddings, rituals, death ceremonies, birthdays, etc… Indian men often celebrate religious ceremonies wearing sarongs. At many places in Malay and Sri Lanka, people wear sarongs to the fishing and beaches. Also, sarongs are taken to be formal wear. Those are creased woven by specific materials with similar color codes and designs. This ethnic attire makes a way through the international fashion world because of its culture and comfort steep. Though sarong may look like a skirt and therefore taken as a feminine attire to the western culture. But slowly the views are changing and this made sense when the mentality of people accepted Sarong is an integrated part of the traditional clothing throughout the centuries.

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Types of Sarong for Men

Indonesia/Malaysia/Brunei/Singapore: This is where the word “Sarong” derives from Malay to English which means “to sheath”. “Sheath” or “Kain Sarung” are the most common words used for sarong for men, in Indonesia and Malaysia. This tube fabric is easy to work, just simply stepping in and rolling in to be securely sitting on the hips. Flat sarong is the most used sheath. Kain Sarung is the sarong with simple stripes and box patterns. It is worn by accessorizing and special several improvisations are done to exaggerate this clothing.

Arab: “Izaar” or “Izar” is the type of sarong which is very popular in the Arabian peninsula. This is often white-colored. Designs are checkered or striped sometimes floral. It is mostly double-plaided influenced by Indonesia. Sometimes it is the unstitched izaar including tassels and fringes. They are stitched in a way such that the open and unstitched garment doesn’t reach over one’s ankles.

India: Dhoti the traditional attire for men. The style of dhoti changes from state to state. In Indian Subcontinent it is the attire that commands the respect and dignity. But as well taken into consideration for relaxation in the home so it is also taken as the daily used garment for the comfy characteristics. Great political leaders throughout the generation in India have created a great influence over the country for dhoti and lungis. The rural and urban areas of India have a greater influence on sarongs as men wear dhoti and enjoy its offering of relaxation.

Wearing Lungi is An Art,Even if you evaluate it such A grip holding near the Pot belly and rest hanging on air with even Double fold style possible . Many of this generation can’t hold lungi,the true is wearing A velcro to hold it . But old Gen wear it in means of fashion statement till date.
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Srilanka: Sarongs are mostly worn by Srilankan men in rural as well as urban communities. It is often worn as only a night garment by upper social class people as there is an attitude that carries the garment as too traditional. Tamil-speaking people in Srilanka call the sarongs “Chaaram” or “Saaram”. As it has been taken as the garment worn by uneducated class people it was declined as a public attire. But there is an adopting trend for sarong as a fashionable garment that can be worn with national pride only on special occasions. It is known as “National” by some public figures so as to bring together the “common man” and their nationalism together.

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South India: “Vetti” is the national element of clothing for men. This straight piece of fabric is tied around the thighs and is like a long unpleated skirt. The most common type for any occasion is the typical white sarong with a golden design sometimes just the border.

Philippines: “Malong” is the most common type of sarong among Filipinos yet also another type of sarong called “Tapis” is worn by both men and women. Those are ones with knee length or ankle length and they are in different colors one which is usually worn by the people in their own locales. Sometimes it is worn as a skirt that is drawn up and tied a knot at the waist. there is another type of sarong called “salwar” which is the combination of pants and dhoti. They are paired with fitting shirts or jackets. The dress code became the traditional dress for the people in the Philippines. Also, Filipino men use Malong in Martial Arts. No, I’m not kidding ? 

Sarong for combat. This piece of badass garment is no joke man ?

Bali: “Saput” These types of sarongs are worn by men around the houses, on the beach, to the temple. Especially on the beaches, it is worn with one inside and another on the top. The look is very smart, when paired with the white or cream-colored temple jacket it gives a traditional vibe.

Horn of Africa: although it has been worn for centuries in form of a plain white skirt. It is a ubiquitous garment made up of cotton but now due to recent industrialization the polyester, nylon, and silk-made garments have come into play. The great range of designs ranging from checkered squared motifs with watermark diamonds to plaids to simple geometric lines. The style of this sarong is tying a knot and draping around the waist for securing the position. It is typically sold ready-made that is pre-sewn.

East Africa: Kanga is the type of sarong which has a much simpler design, it is one in the trending due to high fashion. the elaborate and artistic designs make this garment famous among the locals.

Central Africa: “Kitenge” or “Chitenge” is the sarong that makes the folks of the locals comfortable in the weather which is hot and humid. So the comfort makes a room for them which is decorated with colors bright and flashing colors. they wear sarongs on occasions and also dance in them. It’s very rare to see men wear this in Africa nowadays.

Maldives: “Mundu” is the type of sarong that has a comparatively thicker cloth woven into it near the border. the border comes in different colors and is most unique in different Mundus. any kind of ceremonial occasions mundu is worn which is white-colored but the border if of golden embroidery. The end of the mundu should be on the right-hand side of the person is the rule. For casualty, the mundu is tucked into the knee length, but for any decent situation, it needs to be tucked off.

Burma: “Longyi” approximately 2 meters. it is often sewn into a cylindrical shape from waist to feet held to a place with or without the knot. It gained fame due to British colonial rule and found in stripes or checks with colors bright and simple as well.

Hawaii: “Kikepa” is the Hawaiian sarong which is perfect for the weather for the touristry to enjoy this light clothing made of different bright colors and bright prints. the comfort and cheap price makes this sarong a great deal to buy. the tourist takes sarong as a possession from Hawaii.

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Brazil: “Kanga” is the type of sarong worn by Brazilians. The colors are flabbergastingly bright. and with different patterns and designs with contrasting colors. They are sold on the beaches’ roadsides at a cheap price. People wear them at the beaches at malls roads etc. Kanga is known to be a very fashionable attire in the place which is originated from the African Great Lakes regions.

In many movies, sarongs have made their presence for all genres. Male celebrities wore manly sarongs in many movies in Bollywood and Kollywood. We can watch many funny videos and culturally resetting videos in which the vloggers wear sarongs. tourists who come to Southern Asian parts to travel take sarongs as their souvenirs. While the skirt on men is told to be feminine attire these sarongs for men give an answer back to make the point of comfort such that it can be worn in the home to relax and for style, in beaches, festivals, occasions, pools, cruise for men as well. This Scottish kilt or lava-lava within the Polynesian or Samoan culture influenced garments made to the top of the fashion world. Sarong made a great influence on different clothing such as dhoti pants, dhoti skirts, bagpipers skirt in Indian subcontinents, Huipil in Latin America, Australasia has a garment named “lap-lap” which is a knee-length garment that is influenced by Sarong.

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Sarong for men or dhoti are suitable for all seasons and for that reason is they are mostly made up of both silk and cotton. the varieties with silk are embraced in various celebrations, occasions. while the kinds which are made up of cotton are used for the daily garments and nightwear and beachwear and road shopping wear in various places. accessorizing can be done with sarongs such as wearing kurta or shirts, with hats and sunglasses. Or modernizing it with the jacket and boots gives the sarong combination a very cool edge. Sarong has great airflow to comfy you in hot weather situations. Sarongs are very adjustable in your waist is another huge advantage to add to the list. Unlike most jeans and pants, sarongs will never be a danger to your testicles. It’s an important health benefit for men to consider buying a sarong ?

Gen -z made it very clear that anything can reach beyond boundaries through the Internet. so sarongs have been making their popularity in the western world .western culture has been slowly neutralizing the stigma of men wearing skirts. Beaches, rivers, music festivals, spas men can be strutting comfortably in sarongs. Through TikTok’s viral trends wearing respective sarongs of respective countries, YouTubes trending music videos spreading about the cultures and wearing different attires made this piece of garment famous too. We can see celebrities in the vogue runway, academy awards, Grammys, Oscars, golden globe red carpets making their presence in beautifully designed sarongs. we can see many vlogs via youtube TikTok’s about the styling of the sarongs.

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David Beckham wear sarong

Is there Sarong with pockets

The short answer is ‘yes’. The long answer is there are ready-made Sarongs with pockets yet you can always make a huge bag-sized pocket with a sarong. After securing the sarong in the waistband by any of your favorite methods then folding the sarong from its bottom end all the way to your waist, in a second you can have a huge pocket that can carry kilograms in it. But my favorite method is the trifold trick which creates a handy pocket that almost works like a waist pocket belt pouch

How to tie/wear a Sarong for men

First, we start by holding the sarong horizontally behind the body. Making sure there is more length on the right side than the left. then fold the left side over to the center of our stomach. we bring the right end round to meet the left in our center and hold the right hand. we fold the excess fabric back over the hand to form a pleat. securing rolling the waistband over about 3 times until it feels tight enough so it does not fall down. For the tube-like wrap and a fuller pleat, fold over the pleat before rolling down. the finished look gives the fold of fabric at the front. this is a look which is the suave look and we can avail the room for movement. There are more ways to tie sarong such as there is already ready-made tied sarong with materials such as elastic and ropes, pins, buttons, or belts are also used. the pleats are tucked inside and sewed to a piece of cloth and then worn just in case. people just have to buy one of their sizes to wear them without any hassle of tying or risk of falling down.

Longyi shorts – how to wear a sarong as a short
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