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Sarong for men or dhoti are suitable for all seasons and for that reason is they are mostly made up of both silk and cotton. the varieties with silk are embraced in various celebrations, occasions. while the kinds which are made up of cotton are used for the daily garments and nightwear and beachwear and road shopping wear in various places. accessorizing can be done with sarongs such as wearing kurta or shirts, with hats and sunglasses. Or modernizing it with the jacket and boots gives the sarong combination a very cool edge. Sarong has great airflow to comfy you in hot weather situations. Sarongs are very adjustable in your waist is another huge advantage to add to the list. Unlike most jeans and pants, sarongs will never be a danger to your testicles. It’s an important health benefit for men to consider buying a sarong 😉

Gen -z made it very clear that anything can reach beyond boundaries through the Internet. so sarongs have been making their popularity in the western world .western culture has been slowly neutralizing the stigma of men wearing skirts. Beaches, rivers, music festivals, spas men can be strutting comfortably in sarongs. Through TikTok’s viral trends wearing respective sarongs of respective countries, YouTubes trending music videos spreading about the cultures and wearing different attires made this piece of garment famous too. We can see celebrities in the vogue runway, academy awards, Grammys, Oscars, golden globe red carpets making their presence in beautifully designed sarongs. we can see many vlogs via youtube TikTok’s about the styling of the sarongs.

David Beckham Wearing A Sarong
David Beckham wear sarong

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