Sarong for Men, Highest Comfort

tie/wear a Sarong


How to tie/wear a Sarong for men

First, we start by holding the sarong horizontally behind the body. Making sure there is more length on the right side than the left. then fold the left side over to the center of our stomach. we bring the right end round to meet the left in our center and hold the right hand. we fold the excess fabric back over the hand to form a pleat. securing rolling the waistband over about 3 times until it feels tight enough so it does not fall down. For the tube-like wrap and a fuller pleat, fold over the pleat before rolling down. the finished look gives the fold of fabric at the front. this is a look which is the suave look and we can avail the room for movement. There are more ways to tie sarong such as there is already ready-made tied sarong with materials such as elastic and ropes, pins, buttons, or belts are also used. the pleats are tucked inside and sewed to a piece of cloth and then worn just in case. people just have to buy one of their sizes to wear them without any hassle of tying or risk of falling down.

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