Sarong for Men, Highest Comfort




Traditional sarongs come in Woven plaids so it is tightly stuck to the waist. Loose sarongs need to be draped manually. Checkered or squared patterns are woven by means of traditional native weaving methods from long back centuries. Traditional coloring methods such as “Batik” or “ikat” are used to dye the garment. These methods have been the traditional native methods thus are the cultural representatives of their respective places. over years sarongs are also evolving with more and more varied designs and images such as plants and flowers and animals and important cultural symbols. Modern days sarongs have designs and patterns which are contemporary to keep up with the latest fashion. Recently we can also find it included in the Asian hip-hop culture. These limitless variations along with the exceptional comfort it provides make it an eye-catching attire to put on. And the hustle about sarongs has been spreading from Arabian peninsula to Indian subcontinent to Srilanka, southern Asia, Southeast Asia parts of Africa and also in a lot of places in Pacific Islands henceforth spreading around the Asia Continent and also in the western world considering it to be very stylish.

King coconut dance in a sarong 😂

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