Sarong for Men, Highest Comfort




Respective places all around the world have their own way to put on this attire. And this delivers the proud classic approach in men’s fashion wearing. Each style of wearing the sarong is unique and different. These are derived from cultural traditions, occupations, styles of ancient civilizations. Usually, sarongs are worn in very important occasions in a traditional way making this garment culturally significant such as weddings, rituals, death ceremonies, birthdays, etc… Indian men often celebrate religious ceremonies wearing sarongs. At many places in Malay and Sri Lanka, people wear sarongs to the fishing and beaches. Also, sarongs are taken to be formal wear. Those are creased woven by specific materials with similar color codes and designs. This ethnic attire makes a way through the international fashion world because of its culture and comfort steep. Though sarong may look like a skirt and therefore taken as a feminine attire to the western culture. But slowly the views are changing and this made sense when the mentality of people accepted Sarong is an integrated part of the traditional clothing throughout the centuries.

INDONESIAN teacher at school in Sarong
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