Sarong for Men, Highest Comfort

Types of Sarong for Men


Types of Sarong for Men

Indonesia/Malaysia/Brunei/Singapore: This is where the word “Sarong” derives from Malay to English which means “to sheath”. “Sheath” or “Kain Sarung” are the most common words used for sarong for men, in Indonesia and Malaysia. This tube fabric is easy to work, just simply stepping in and rolling in to be securely sitting on the hips. Flat sarong is the most used sheath. Kain Sarung is the sarong with simple stripes and box patterns. It is worn by accessorizing and special several improvisations are done to exaggerate this clothing.

Arab: “Izaar” or “Izar” is the type of sarong which is very popular in the Arabian peninsula. This is often white-colored. Designs are checkered or striped sometimes floral. It is mostly double-plaided influenced by Indonesia. Sometimes it is the unstitched izaar including tassels and fringes. They are stitched in a way such that the open and unstitched garment doesn’t reach over one’s ankles.

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