Sarong for Men, Highest Comfort



India: Dhoti the traditional attire for men. The style of dhoti changes from state to state. In Indian Subcontinent it is the attire that commands the respect and dignity. But as well taken into consideration for relaxation in the home so it is also taken as the daily used garment for the comfy characteristics. Great political leaders throughout the generation in India have created a great influence over the country for dhoti and lungis. The rural and urban areas of India have a greater influence on sarongs as men wear dhoti and enjoy its offering of relaxation.

Wearing Lungi is An Art,Even if you evaluate it such A grip holding near the Pot belly and rest hanging on air with even Double fold style possible . Many of this generation can’t hold lungi,the true is wearing A velcro to hold it . But old Gen wear it in means of fashion statement till date.
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