Sarong for Men, Highest Comfort



Horn of Africa: although it has been worn for centuries in form of a plain white skirt. It is a ubiquitous garment made up of cotton but now due to recent industrialization the polyester, nylon, and silk-made garments have come into play. The great range of designs ranging from checkered squared motifs with watermark diamonds to plaids to simple geometric lines. The style of this sarong is tying a knot and draping around the waist for securing the position. It is typically sold ready-made that is pre-sewn.

East Africa: Kanga is the type of sarong which has a much simpler design, it is one in the trending due to high fashion. the elaborate and artistic designs make this garment famous among the locals.

Central Africa: “Kitenge” or “Chitenge” is the sarong that makes the folks of the locals comfortable in the weather which is hot and humid. So the comfort makes a room for them which is decorated with colors bright and flashing colors. they wear sarongs on occasions and also dance in them. It’s very rare to see men wear this in Africa nowadays.

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