How To Make French Cuff for Cuff Links

The French cuff is a turned back classic cuff for a dress shirt usually secured with cuff links. Due to the fact that the cuff is folded back it is also called double cuff. French cuffs demand a certain formality. French cuffs are mostly considered more formal, especially with the use of the best cufflinks. […]

Cufflinks Worn by Celebrities and How It Makes Them Look Better

Cufflinks are the best present for male celebrities throughout the world. They look really dashing whenever they wear them. Obviously, they wear cufflinks at formal events or any award shows. They carry a sense of class that is totally far away from the common man. Some people might think that cufflinks are the sign […]

21 types of cufflinks you need to know before buy cufflinks online

Do you know your style statement can make a lasting impression on the person you meet in a day? Yes, it is true. The basic fundamental way to judge a person is his appearance. It cannot be judged on the mere basis of clothes. You need a strong armament i.e., personality. Cufflink can […]

11 Reasons why men should wear Cufflinks

Women are luckier than men when it comes to accessories because they have many varieties and colours to choose. Cufflinks are one of the best adornments that a man can wear not only weddings but also on the mundane. Some men think that cufflinks cannot be worn out on regular days, but that’s […]