Types of Men’s Brooches

Men’s Brooches, a well-known ornament from the Roman Empire to the present newest trends proved out to be an admirable jewel.  This oldest jewellery has evolved from the fibula to rosette designs then to oriental taste and the chain keep on emerging till the date now, granting a new flavor of style and flair to the world. Thus, brooches were more on served as ornamental purpose than as any fastening pin. This pin adorns the entire outfit and yet is functional, catering an additional variety, look and attire to the outfits and styles.

In early age, Men’s Brooches being part of tradition, they were also meant to act like safety pins used to fastened or hold the cloths, garments tightly and closely. This is one of the classic jewelry which a man can keep on, exemplifying its personality, convictions, beliefs and views, often a medium of communication. Thus, this is one of the excellent ways to accent or reckon up the look which completes the attire to perfection, giving a final touch.

Men’s Brooches are now available in great varieties; some enameled either with bright colors or gems or both in numerous patterns all varying from a religious or traditional match to a very formal gathering. This decorative clasp and its design influence by the cultural and fashion trends and are of different types and are as follows:

1. Celtic Brooches

These penannular Men’s Brooches were brought from the Early Medieval period and were produced from highly precious metal. They are high quality jewels inspired by the secular arts.

This type of brooch is featured with a long pin attached by its head to a ring and is easily movable throughout the circular ring ends. The ring may be close or open. The ends of the ring are held closely to each other in case of penannular brooches and in pseudo- penannular type the ring is closed by the ends.

These Men’s Brooches come in several sizes and of the different metal, some engrossed with bright colours or stones or simply designed and patterned. The pin is passed through the cloth and then passed back over the ring to fastening the piece of cloth.

This Irish touch to the jewellery comfortably suits from a formal gathering to a family function and brings about a new character to the person personifying the royalty.

Celtic Brooches                                           Celtic Men's Brooches

2. Antique Men’s Brooches

These Men’s Brooches are the figures of prehistoric people, animals and different casted forms and shapes embossed with gems, glass, coral, bones, beads, pearls, colors et cetera certainly engraved on various metals mainly iron or bronze. This type of brooch has four parts: body, pin, hinge and a spring. A safety pin is attached and hidden at a back of the character, which is used to pin up with the cloth.

These clasps are also having a category of undefined, unsigned and signed broken pieces of jewellery which are wearable splashing the antiquity of the age it belongs to, the primacy to which it belongs. Different figures depict the character, need and view of the wearer’s from a childish to an elderly mature behavior.

It gives all kind of looks from classy, sophisticated, nobility to a contemporary one.

Antique Men’s Brooches                                  Antique Men’s Brooches



3. Vintage Men’s Brooches

This is one of the most versatile ornaments giving a vintage feel accessorizing the complete personality. This has a wide range of variety embellished with stones, various characters encoded on the metal piece adding the value to the attire. This category is evolved to fit into each dressing and style that is, from a pop- art plastic to a heavily golden plated- diamond brooch. This is been describing a fun-loving modern to intelligible apparel.

This also reflects the predominant art designs of the era and region. These brooches are fragile and delicate adornments and must be kept carefully. This is best choice for a glamorous events and black tie parties.

This has also the same pin mechanism having hinge, spring, pin and a body patterned as floral designs and many others.

Vintage Men’s Brooches                   Vintage Men’s Brooches


4. Tie Hub Brooches

This brooch adds a polished and smart look to the formal attire. These are usually small in size and made up of metals like copper or iron enlaced with small stones and gems. This elegantly crafted accessory have a button- pin system for attaching it over the suits, basically on the lapel. The pin is passed through the lapel and is tie up with the button under the lapel cloth.

This handy brooch gives an exclusive presence to the formal attire and best sits in office meetings and can be worn in a casual sense with all comforts.

Tie Hub Men's Brooches                                  Tie Hub Brooches


5. Chain Brooches

These brooches are featured with attractive chains hold on over traditional outfits like servant’s and Indo- Western costumes giving a royal look. The shapes at the end of the chains are stubbed with stones and are shaped definitely with great perfection.  These are available in numerous patterns and designs some with the lapel pin and brooch pin or with button pins and many others.

They are best suited for occasions like marriage, engagements, parties or religious occasions. These are particularly worn by Indians.

Chain Brooches                              Chain Men's Brooches



6. Lapel pins

These are not exactly brooches but these accessories are like badges usually worn on the lapel of the suit or jacket. These are also available in several designs; some comes with button- knit principle and some having sharp pins attached on the back of body which is to be passed through the lapel and is closed further at the end.

Lapel pins signify the ideas of the wearer, its organisation. The pattern available in lapel pins ranges from a formal apparel to a party occasion. The pictures, figures, drawings with bright colours are inscribed on the metal with a button hinged at back for holding.

The tie- hubs and some of the chain brooches are categories of lapel pins which are distinguished individually and are widely in use.

Lapel pins                  Lapel pins Men's Brooches


There are plentiful classes of brooches available in the market, there are few which are standardized in each of the above categories.


1. Annular Brooches

These are similar to pseudo- penannular brooches having open designs of rings with a pin stretch down the back. The ring can be simpler one having a plain metal with intricate patterns over it or may be enchanted with the gems.  These ring brooches are used since the first century AD initially as a closure then for decorative purpose. They were the symbol of status, fetish, talismans and charisma; even today these are treated as an attribute of prestige and dignity.

The pin in case of these brooches is anchored and indeed rooted at a place; the terminals are attached to a small section.

Annular Brooches                               Annular Men's Brooches


2. Solitaire Brooches

For dapper and swanky guise, the gemstones etched brooches are the perfect choice to take on. The glamour of diamonds, pearls, solitaires and beads epitomise regality and the encrypted non- precious metals and fake stones, crystals, glasses made the sparkling brooches quite affordable with an essence of allurement.

These brooches may have either assorted button or safety pin principle for securing it with fabric and are available in various sizes. These brooches are fashionable and are even available in numerous designs which are often a great souvenir better than the expensive gold and diamond brooches.

Solitaire Brooches                  Solitaire Men's Brooches


3. Sumptuous Brooches

These are the portrait brooches signifying an image or a figure which features the goddess and the famous heads of the town. A three- dimensional face is placed over a metal base, having a safety pin mechanism which is attached to a back of the body. The figures are carved out on the shell, glass or stone.

The brooch may be engrossed with various designs and symbols, decorated with small stones and diamond.

Sumptuous Men's Brooches                            Sumptuous Brooches


4. Stick in Brooches

These are somewhat same as lapel pins having a thin pin which are sharp at the bottom edge and is attached to the body by the hinge. The body is being embellished with floral designs and other patterns having stuff like mosaic flowers, embroidery with glass, filled with different bright colours.

These are certainly handy and sturdy providing all kind of look depending up the designs and patterns.

Stick in Men's Brooches                  Stick in Brooches


Brooches which were meant just for utilitarian, now serve the glamorous world too. People wear brooches for being fashionable and sound to be a follow up the newest trends in style and glitz but brooches make sure one thing that it keeps the person stand out of the crowd with one of the most simplest and decent accessory.

These not only gild the ensemble but also bedeck the overall individuality. The resurgence of the brooches and pins brought a new statement of identity, prevailing taste of fashion and new styles in the society. The addition of brooches and pins bring a noticeable change to the attire.

Brooches and pins not only worn upon any special occasions like family reunions, religious functions, parties or official meetings et cetera but indeed they can be worn on casual clothes endowing elegant and strut semblance. The small brooches like lapel badges worn over the sleeves of the sweater give a modish appearance and is tending.

The appearance of a person tells about character more than a mouth and thence brooches speak more of style, individual interest, dynamism and finesse.


Men's Brooches


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