World Finest Most Expensive Luxury Men’s Wear

Top celebrities, successful businessmen, and political leaders flaunt their way out wearing the most expensive luxury men’s attires, usually cost more than your car, maybe even your house is cheaper than the suits they wear. These men are aware of their other significant spendings need lots of cash, but their accessories and jewelry items are more expensive than the most precious gems in the town.

Most Expensive Luxury Men’s Suits

The most expensive suits can go beyond a million dollars. They cost in accordance to the reputation of the jeweler stylist and sometimes the material used to make it.

Stuart Hughes Diamond edition with a worth of 892500 dollars. It was deserving to be first place on the list. Stuart Hughes, the most luxurious designer from Liverpool in the UK, is well known for this piece of art. Just three Dark suits were made by him and his tailor Richard Jewels. This suit contains Two Hundred to forty carats worth of diamond, thus making it the inevitable luxury suit made of wool silk and the famous cashmere.

Expensive Luxury Men's Stuart Hughes Diamond edition
Expensive Luxury Men’s Stuart Hughes Diamond edition

Alexander Amosu Vanquish 2 Bespoke the 102,000 dollars worth was made by Amosu the luxury good entrepreneur. And damn he has made some world’s most expensive suits. this suit was made and crafted by Vicuna and Qivit, the most expensive wool. And it is an example of both talents coming together.

Expensive Luxury Men's Alexander Amosu Vanquish 2 Bespoke
Alexander Amosu Vanquish 2 Bespoke

Dormeuil Vanquish 2 Exquisite suit is created by Dormeuil, a UK basis supplier of the world’s finest luxury fabrics. The material is of course the trademark Vanquish 2 fabric, which is the blend of three rare types of wools types – the Pashmina from India, Quivit, and the famous Vicuna. The suit Fabric costs about three thousand pounds a meter. It was rumored the suit was created by the company’s head himself.

Expensive Luxury Men's Dormeuil Vanquish 2
Dormeuil Vanquish 2

Willian Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke is made by probably the most expensive tailor in the UK, Savile Row. These suits are mainly three or four pieces rather than just two-piece. An ultra light-weight fabric and are Bespoke, meaningfully in accordance with the client’s specifications. The man-made labor is more than Eighty hours per piece of fabric.

Expensive Luxury Men's Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke
Willian Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke

Brioni Vanquish 2 adds up to our personal favorite because it is high quality, exclusive suit and is made of British luxury fabric. This power suit was famous for its Broad-shouldered, wide-chested jacket design. Brioni Vanquish 2 Suit was a mix of truly decadent fibers.

Expensive Luxury Men's Brioni Vanquish 2
Expensive Luxury Men’s Brioni Vanquish 2

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